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verb: to forge a bond or a friendship; to melt & reshape something old into something new

noun: a place where fire, sweat & hard work create something strong & durable

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ABOUT US /                       OUR (WO)MANIFESTO:


We are a theatre collective based in London, run by artistic director Rosie Hilal, and this is what we want:

  • To re-invent classics and bring European plays to British audiences 

  • To create 'new writing to tell old stories', incorporating feminist and anti-racist strategies

  • To incorporate other art forms, such as circus, dance and opera 

  • To encourage individuals of all backgrounds & bodies to apply for parts in our shows 

  • To enable parents of young children to participate by offering flexible working and job shares

  • To use Equity contracts wherever possible and pay a minimum of expenses in respect to the artists we work with

Photos all by

Image: Abiola Ogunbiyi, Rosie Hilal

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What's On


Women in the park Workshops

May/June 2021 with Longfield Hall and Myatts' Fields Park



Work in progress with Longfield Hall


Becoming Berenice

Coming back soon with Exchange Theatre

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